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Facebook cover and profile template for Gimp

abril 19, 2013

It is not that I like to play a lot with my Facebook profile or cover pictures, in fact, in 5 years I think I have just had 3 or 4 different profile pictures but lately I had some free time and I wanted to make something funny.

Thus, after doing some research I found a really nice Gimp template in Jason Klein’s Blog which I used to create something I had in mind. But a couple of days later I realized that Facebook changed something and it no longer worked properly so I decided to adapt that template to the new format.

With the template you can create pictures integrating both your cover and profile picture easily, here is the example I am using. I still have to add a text saying something like “Recursion KillS!.

FB cover and profile

FB cover and profile

You can download the template with instructions included in the .xcf format here. (Remove the .jpg extension as WordPress does not allow me to upload the .xfc file.

Go create! 😀

Au revoire, Brussels

abril 5, 2013

More than five months ago I wrote, complaining a lot bit, about the new experiences that was about to start while living and working in Brussels. For the first time I felt a bit insecure about taking a step like those I usually take leaving everything behind and starting a, let’s call it like that, a new life.

I am aware that I haven’t written at all about my life here in the heart of Europe. I had some posts in my mind about wonderful places in Brussels, trips, visits and the common things I usually write about here in the blog but this time has been harder because, despite it will sound as an excuse, the truth is that I haven’t had much time. But well, as in every past occasion, I feel committed to write a short summary about the experience lived, and this time I am writing it in English as I think I owe that to all those I have meet during this experience, the most international experiences I have ever lived in my life.

Being honest I didn’t like so much the job I was doing in the European Commission although I consider that, after all, was a really nice experience which enriched me a lot; I neither liked the city despite the warnings from most of people that have spent here lot of time who said “give it time, once you know Brussels you will love it”, well, I will not say I love it but the truth is that after almost six months I realized that Brussels have some thing that none other cities I have lived in had, the international environment. It is amazing how many people from all around the world I have met here, I have learnt many things from many of them and I am sure that I am coming back to my country feeling more a citizen of the world than ever before!

And those people are the ones that, once again, acted like friends because yes, after 6 months most of them became friends. Some of them I am sure I will meet again, some, as has happened before, will part in completely different directions and probably will remain just as an amazing memory. Many people made from this experience and amazing one and although I am sure I will forget some of them, my special thanks goes to (in order of appearance):

  • The HappyFamily Sablon, former by two amazing girls who hosted and supported me during my first days in the city. They also became part of my sex-in-the-city-like chats about men and women.
  • Happy Family

    Happy Family

  • The JAMM, who became my family for many months and with whom I share walks home, sad and happy stories, amazing parties, brunches…
  • Crazy JAMMers

    Crazy JAMMers

  • The CONNECTers: who made my days in the European Commission much better. At the very beginning they were workmates, sooner they became friends with whom I drunk, ate fries and traveled to the coldest Belgium among other incredible things.
  • CONNECTers


  • The Others, a group of other stagieres (non-connecters) with whom I walked in crazy trips, ice-skating sesiones and crazy nights, like New Year’s Eve, which became one of the best nights there
  • My Greek teacher deserves a special entry here as with her patience I managed to learn the basis of Greek during hard lessons, laughs and songs.
  • Greek Team

    Greek Team

  • The people I met in the Commission who supported me and made my days much better, specially my office mate and a bunch of people from my unit and other units.
  • The visits that happily invaded my house from the very first beginning.

And yes, after a week in Spain, and although I wrote most of this while I was in the airport, I am realizing that maybe I should change the title and instead of saying “au revoire” I should say “à bientôt”… who knows?